Your New IFC Recruitment Policy

If your IFC community is anything like those I have worked with, recruitment policies are a big deal. Hours are spent discussing what changes need to be made to the policy. How do we make it fair? How do we get more guys? Who has to dissafiliate? How to we prevent dirty recruitment?

What results is a multi-page document that covers all aspects of recruitment. We get so caught up in defining the minutia that we create a document that nobody wants to read and hardly any fraternity men actually understand. We try to make plans for every situation and, in turn, create loopholes that our chapters just love to exploit.

In an attempt to make things simpler for everyone, I present what I feel is the ideal IFC Recruitment Policy:

Interfraternity Council Recruitment Policy

    1. Chapters are responsible for their own success
    2. Chapters must follow all applicable laws as well as IFC and University Policies
    3. Chapters may not offer money or gifts in exchange for the acceptance of a bid

That’s it.
Need a breakdown?

1. It’s not IFC’s job to recruit for chapters, nor should chapters rely on IFC to recruit for them. If a chapter wants the best men on campus, then they need to identify them, befriend them, and recruit them. Chapters who wait to get a list from IFC are immediately limiting their pool of candidates, and admitting their recruitment apathy and/or incompetence. For more information on the importance of a chapter recruiting for themselves, and resources on how to do it, check out my friends at Phired Up Productions and CAMPUSPEAK Recruitment Bootcamp.

2. Worried about your chapters using alcohol or drugs in recruitment? I can promise you that if you live in the United States, you have a law on the books that prevents the consumption of alcohol by individuals under 21. If your IFC is even somewhat functional, they will have a similar policy as well. The same applies for illegal drugs.

But what about guys 21 or over?
– Do you really think that a man over the age of 21 going to be convinced to join a fraternity because they gave him some booze?
– How many men over the age of 21 are you actually recruiting?
– Personally, I’m perfectly fine with a group of adults of legal drinking age want to get together and discuss joining a fraternity over a drink.

3. Don’t buy a bid. Self explanatory, right?


So, what do you think? Can this work? Am I missing something? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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