Fighting Greek Stereotypes on Campus – Keep It Simple, Stupid

Recently, while browsing a Greek life related online forum, I came across a post from a user asking about how to change his or her Greek community’s reputation on campus. This is a¬†familiar question in the world of fraternity and sorority life.

For as long as I’ve been a member of a Greek organization, I’ve heard the same concerns:

  • Non-Greeks hate us. Faculty/Staff have a negative view of Greek life on our campus
  • We have a bad reputation/stereotype
  • People make assumptions about us
  • The campus media is out to get us; they never publish the good things we do

I chose to respond to this users questions with the same advice that I give my students. My most simplistic, yet holistic response to these concerns are:

  1. Do more good things
  2. Do less stupid things
  3. Make it a point to be friends with, and work with non-Greek students, faculty, and staff

People will hold a stereotype until they’re proven wrong. If your Greek community is living up to that stereotype, and/or if you don’t get outside of your “Greek bubble”, things will never change.


Simple, right?



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