What IFC & NPC Needs to Teach NPHC & MGC

In my last blog post, What NPHC & MGC Needs to Teach IFC & NPC, I explained some of the things that I feel NPHC and MGC (NALFO/NAPA ) organizations are doing exceptionally well. Hopefully, IFC and NPC members reading the post were able to gain a new perspective on those particular elements of their chapter operations.

Little did I know, that post would get picked up on Twitter, and become my most viewed post to date. So, as to not keep you waiting anymore, I present some of the things that NPHC and MGC council members and chapters could learn from their counterparts in IFC and NPC.

Targeted Recruitment
Recruitment might as well be a four letter word in the NPHC/MGC community. NPHC and MGC organizations rely on their prestige and prominence on campus coupled with their national reputation in order to attract members to their organization. By the way, this is recruitment, it’s just being done in a different way. In my personal opinion, and in my experience, NPHC and MGC chapters fail to reach out to the preeminent leaders on campus, and instead, only rely on those interests who show up to their events.

In the IFC/NPC world, we talk about always-joiners, never-joiner, and maybe-joiners. Check out the chart below for the break down of the types of prospective members on your campus.

When NPHC and MGC chapters rely solely on members seeking them out, they are only reaching out to the fifteen percent of the campus population that already knows they want to join a fraternity or sorority. Those fifteen percent are often-times only looking for a good-time, and end up being the ones who cause the most of the problems for the chapter.

The best IFC and NPC chapters actively seek out leaders on their campus who they know share their core values and will contribute to the betterment of the chapter. More so, they have developed a variety of methods to attract these individuals (scholarships, co-sponsorship of events, service projects, etc.). NPHC and MGC could take a tip from IFC and NPC organizations by identifying leaders on campus, and simply inviting them to start becoming engaged with the chapter.

Celebrate Success
Our IFC and NPC chapters take tremendous pride in the various accolades they receive. Their chapters their hardest to win Greek Week and/or intramurals, take home awards at the annual Greek awards ceremony, and receive recognition from their national organization as an outstanding chapter. On a council level, IFC and NPC councils fight for regional recognition through the AFLV Awards process (at which NPHC and MGC councils are grossly underrepresented).

More importantly than walking away with some nice hardware and bragging rights, this common goal galvanizes the organization together in an effort to achieve a specific positive outcome. It’s this competitive spirit and drive for recognition that helps IFC and NPC chapters and councils constantly improve.

NPHC and MGC organizations need to celebrate their successes in the public light. Despite often having smaller numbers than their IFC and NPC compatriots, they are certainly doing work worthy of recognition. So find some sort of recognition program that is important to  your chapter and take the time to fill out those applications; you just may be surprised when you realize how good it feels to win.

There are plenty of other ways IFC and NPC could help NPHC and MGC, but in the interest of conciseness, I’ll stop it here. Do you have some suggestions of your own? Make sure you leave a comment!

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