Set a Goal

Here’s a quick thing you can do over summer vacation that has the potential to have an immense impact on your organization next year.

Set a goal…

If you’ve been witness to a successful expansion effort on your campus, than you already understand the power of a goal. Every single colony member is working towards the common goal of becoming a chartered chapter of their fraternity or sorority. This shared goal allows the colony to move forward as one collective unit with a common purpose.

Establishing a common goal within your chapter will give your members a benchmark for success. It is a great way to rally the troops around a common cause; the betterment of your chapter.

Think of all of the goals your chapter could set for itself, here’s some examples to get your mind working:

– In addition to the freshman we recruit, we want to have 20 students accept bids this year who are sophomores, juniors or seniors.

– We want to have the most service hours per member out of any fraternity/sorority on our campus (Or, raise the most money for philanthropy).

– We want to improve our overall GPA by 0.2 points.

– We want to increase our alumni donations by 25%.

– We want to receive our National HQ and/or Universities highest chapter honor.

So have you started to think of goals you can set for you chapter? Awesome! But before you set this goal into place, here’s some tips:

– Your goal should span the duration of a semester or the year. Winning Greek Week, or intramural softball is not what I’m talking about.

– Think S.M.A.R.T. with your goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely).

– You need to campaign for your cause. Before you present your goal at the first chapter meeting of the year, talk with your brothers/sisters over the summer in order to gain their support. Remember, this needs to be a shared goal.

So what goals do you think your organization should adopt? Make sure to leave your ideas in the comments!

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