Get the Most Out of Your Leadership Consultant’s Visit

This post is a guest post from Pat Daley aka The Fraternity Advisor.
Pat Daley was a two year chapter president and was his university’s IFC president. He also was recognized as his university, chapter and national fraternity man of the year.  He is the author of – a website dedicated to fraternity leadership.

We all know the drill.  The leadership consultant is coming from the fraternity’s national headquarters.  The fraternity president tells all the brothers to lay low for a few days until the consultant leaves.  When the consultant arrives, the chapter house is a ghost town, which is believed to be the safest way to handle the visit.

This is such an unbelievable waste.  The leadership consultant is not a spy from nationals.  He is a brother who is probably fresh out of school, but wanted to stick around for a year or two because he really believes in what fraternity life is all about.  He is there because he wants to help you, not because he wants to get you in trouble.

So, how do you get the most out of his visit?  First off, you need to be coordinating things with the consultant before he ever steps foot on campus.  You need to help him schedule any meetings he may request – such as a meeting with the Greek Life advisor or the chapter advisor.  You need to find out the purpose of the visit.  You need to find out what skills he has, and what he can do for the brotherhood.  This ensures you can adequately be prepared to get the most out of the visit.

Then, you need to be a good host.  Chances are, this guy spends most of his time on the road bouncing from chapter house to chapter house.  The least you can do is attempt to be as accommodating as possible.

When he finally arrives, treat him like a brother – because he is one!  Be sure he interacts with the brothers and gets to see what your chapter is all about.  Let the brothers know that they are expected to ask questions, and hopefully the consultant’s answers will help to improve the chapter.

Also, be sure to show the consultant a good time.  All work and no play is not fun.  Take the time to show the consultant some of spots that makes your school and your area great.

Finally, be sure to agree that you will stay in touch.  Hopefully, you will have formed a relationship with the consultant where you can contact him in the future for advice.

Having a leadership consultant visit is a fantastic opportunity for the fraternity.  Be sure to take advantage of it to make your chapter stronger.

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