Summer Fun: Regional Reunions

So you made it through another school year, Congrats!!

Summer has finally arrived. For the next four months, your going to be abandoning your normal routine of classes, work, and typical chapter activities (i.e. meetings, events, socials, service, etc.). You have a litany of options facing you as you plan out your summer; you can live at home, stay at school, travel abroad, complete an internship, take summer classes, work, or just relax and enjoy your time off.

This interruption in your regular routine has the potential to pull your attention away from your chapter, and your campus’ fraternity and sorority community. I propose that you take action, and reunite your chapter and/or your entire Greek community this summer to reinvigorate your passion for fraternity and sorority life.

Put simply, plan a regional reunion this summer that brings fraternity and/or sorority members together to demonstrate our shared values, and keep this thing we call fraternity and sorority at the front of everyone’s mind.

What Does This Look Like?

Regional reunions can be a simple get together between two brothers/sisters, or an elaborate event bringing together mass amounts of individuals from a variety of chapters. Here are just a few examples of what you can do this summer:

Plan a Lunch Date: So you know that brother/sister in your chapter that just joined this semester, and it wasn’t until weeks later that you found out that he/she is from your hometown? Or maybe it’s the guy or girl from another chapter that you went to elementary school, or high school with. Regardless of whether this person is your best friend, or if they’re someone you haven’t really talked to much, getting together can be a great opportunity. Here’s some helpful questions to ask when you meet up:

What was your favorite thing your chapter did last year?
What are you most proud of accomplishing for your chapter?
What chapter event are you most looking forward to next year?
What is your chapter’s biggest issue right now?
What is your future within the chapter and/or fraternity and sorority community?

Use this opportunity to recharge your Greek battery; get excited for next semester, and plan how you can make a personal impact on your fraternity and sorority community.

Organize a Day of Fun: What fun stuff are you planning on doing this summer? Wouldn’t it be cool if you got to do them with your brothers/sisters or other Greeks? You can go to the beach, go to an amusement park, play golf, go shopping, go to the movies, visit a museum or art gallery (I’ll stop now but you get the idea).

Use this opportunity to reconnect with fraternity and sorority members outside of the traditional campus environment. Make new friendships, strengthen preexisting ones, but most of all, just have fun being Greek!

Organize a Day of Service: Summer break offers you the time to step away from your hectic schedule. It does now, however offer us the opportunity to step away from our values. A service event is a great way to bring together fraternity and sorority members in an outward display of our shared commitment to service. If you have the luxury, work with your local alumni/graduate chapters, as this is a great opportunity for collaboration.

Use this opportunity to show the community our shared values, while bringing together members of all ages and affiliations to proudly show our shared values.

It starts with you.

All of these things are great to talk about, but it takes an individual with commitment and determination to actually get them done.

Most likely, you don’t know every single fraternity or sorority member who will happen to be in the same town as you this summer. Right this minute, you can work to change that. I suggest creating a Facebook group for the sole purpose of organizing the Greeks in your area. This group page will allow individuals to connect, and plan events in your area this summer. Invite everyone you know to join, even if they won’t be living close to you (it may inspire them to do the same for their area).

Regional reunions provide you with a unique opportunity to connect with your chapter members in an environment away from school. It also gives you the opportunity to connect with members from other chapters to build and enhance fraternal bonds. Take the initiative today to incorporate your fraternity and sorority experience into your summer plans.

Can you think of another way to have a regional reunion? Make sure to leave a comment for other to read!

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