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“OMG, has he really not written a new post since August? What a slacker!”

Let me start off this post by saying that I am a terrible human being, and I apologize for leaving you waiting lo these many fortnights for my next digital transpondence. As it turns out, getting acclimated to a new job pushed this little blog to the back burner. However, now that Thanksgiving has rolled around, and things have slowed down a bit… I’m back!


So is your chapter looking for a brotherhood or sisterhood event that goes beyond hanging out and watching a movie, or going to the bowling alley? Well, I have an idea for a brotherhood/sisterhood program that is fun, long-term, benefits your host institution, and also serves as a recruitment event for your chapter. My idea?

Become a booster for one of your school’s athletic teams. Here’s the rules:

  1. Pick a team that doesn’t get a lot of love.
    Have you ever been to a tennis match, golf outing, field hockey game, or water polo match? Unless you play the sport, I’m guessing your answer is “no”. Hardly anybody outside of family members attends these events; you and fifteen of your brothers and sisters will certainly get noticed.
  2. Try to start at the beginning of the season.
    If you show up midway through the season, the players will wonder why all of a sudden you care. Starting at the beginning of the season will let you get a good feel of the team. Which is why…
  3. This isn’t a one time commitment.
    If you show up to one game, and never return, the players will say to themselves, “What the heck was up with those weirdos who showed up to that one game?” Show up consistently, and they’ll notice that you truly have a vested interest in the team and it’s players. Which brings me to my next point…
  4. You actually have to care.
    Don’t fake it. Try and find a sport that you’ll enjoy watching. Get to know the players so you can cheer for them during the competition, and talk to them the next day on campus. Perhaps you choose the team who despite their continued success, get’s overshadowed by the likes of football and basketball. This will allow you to celebrate this teams triumphs. Or maybe you pick the underdogs, that team that just doesn’t seem to win. Maybe you can be the spark to get them their first win.

    These guys are definitely crazy. Also, my chapter brothers.

  5. Go crazy.
    Face paint, pom-poms, cowbells, vuvuzelas, whatever you got, bring it out. This is all about having fun with your brothers and sisters. Show up by yourself decked out in your team colors, holding a sign, and screaming at the top of your lungs, and people start to question your sanity. Do it with 15 of your brothers and sisters, and not only do you have fun, but everyone around you will instantly get in the mood to cheer.
  6. If you gotta boost, then boost.
    A lot of club sports teams and lower funded athletics teams are often forced to fund-raise for equipment, travel, facility rental, etc. Fraternity and Sorority members are some of the best fund-raisers around. Imagine the impact you could have on the team and the players if you spent an afternoon with them fund-raising to help the team.
  7. If you want to recruit them, they should probably be the same gender as you.
    Too obvious?

If you can get a core group of your members behind this idea, and emotionally invested in a team, I imagine that you could have a lot of fun, positively impact that athletic team, and make a whole bunch of new friends from that team. Remember, friendship is the first step to membership.

Am I crazy? Do you think this idea would actually work? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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